Mauro Calderón

“One of the finest voices from Mexico.”

He is Mexican and passionate about his art, music and cultural traditions. He bears one of the most versatile voices in the music scene, melding it with twenty years of an incredible journey and experiences, most of which has taken place internationally.

His journey began under the influence of well-renowned instructors, Carolina Quintero, Charles Laila, Teresa Rodríguez, and Josefina Cabrera Bringas whom he worked with since 1983 to this day. He participated in operas such as “Salomé” and “Sansón y Dalila”, but has always been open to a diverse portfolio of music genres.

Currently, his passion lies in sharing mariachi Mexican music with his fans, but his voice’s versatility adapts to other genres such as ballads, jazz, ranchera music, classical and his specialty, crossover, which is a fusion of pop and classical music. Through his musical journey, Mauro has produced over fifteen albums as a soloist and various other compilations with other artists. Each of these albums come to show his ability to mold to various genres of music.

Mauro has performed in a number of cities across Mexico, in the United States, Italy, and Japan. His talent is portrayed by the many awards he has won over the years, including first place in “La Voz de México,” organized by XEW in 1986, first place in the “Concurso de Cámara” in 1987, first place in the “Concurso para Interpretar la Serenata para Tenor”, “Corno y Cuerdas de Benjamín Britten del INBA”, the prenomination for the Artist of the Year in 200, and Album of the Year in 2000 (El Pasado Nos Vuelve A Pasar) in the Latin Grammys and the “Agustin Lara Award” in 2004.

In 2004, the master compositor Manuel Esperón named him official performer of his composition in 2007. Additionally, Miguel Ruiz Cabañas, Mexican Ambassador in Japan, designated Mauro “Ambassador of Mexican Music in the World” after his popular tour in Japan.

Mauro has participated with renowned artists such as César Camargo Mariano, pianist Joseph Olechowski, Chamín Correa, Manuel Mijares, Eugenia León, Guadalupe Pineda, Juan Gabriel, Lucero, the Orquesta Filarmónica of Acapulco under the direction of Luis Cobos, the Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco, the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional and with almost every mayor orchestra in Mexico.

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