Mauro Calderón Music

It’s a one of a kind classic-pop show that tours in Mexico and around the world for all kinds of companies (concerts, conventions, congresses) and cultural festivals, in which diverse musical genres are included: opera, napolitan music, classic-pop (like Il Divo, Bocelli, Yanni or Sarah Brightman), Broadway classics, great Hollywood songs, love duets of all times, mexican music with contemporary arrangements (Mauro pays homage to one of the best mexican composers, Manuel Esperón, who named him his official interpreter before he died) and mariachi music and mexican dances to end the show.

The musical mixture is unique, and it makes the audience feel the magic of Mexican music, the one for the youngsters, kids and adults, the music of the world.

This show is presented with the symphonic organ of Aldo Delgadillo and can be assembled with an orchestra, if the client wishes so. It’s simply a spectacular concert that shows the best of Mexican traditional music and the newest tendencies of opera’s crossover style, a genre that is growing fast in the world.


For bookings please call

Mobile. +52 (55) 2846 0783

Mobile. +52 (333) 662 8118


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